KERALITE® is a glass-ceramic that meets fire-protective requirements. This “standard grade” material is a cost effective, sustainable and wire-free fire-rated glass alternative – an ideal solution for ensuring the unobstructed view and entry of daylight while keeping critical fire compartments safe. This wire-free glazing material is for use in life safety and fire-rated locations such as side lites, transoms, and doors with fire rating requirements ranging from 20 minutes to 180 minutes; with hose stream test.

The KERALITE® Range includes:

 KERALITE  FILMED®: A cost effective fire- and safety-rated clear glass-ceramic with surface applied 3M™ Scotchshield™ UltraFilm. A wireless glazing material for ideal use in accidental human impact safety-rated locations.

 KERALITE LAMINATED®: Laminated glass-ceramic. A wireless glazing material for use in accidental human impact safety-rated.

KERALITE SAFEGUARD®: The first fire-rated glass ceramic combining uncompromised life-safety and physical security against fire, accidental impact, and tough enough to meet the standards of correctional facilities. Its highly performing intrusion protection is designed to create a safe zone to mitigate the fatal effects. A perfect fit for the safety of schools and institution buildings to ensure the building occupants’ ease of mind.

KERALITE ULTRA®: A hybrid of glass ceramics and intumescent for applications where larger sizes are required in 45min applications/

Each KERALITE® product is available in two grades: Standard grade (KERALITE®) and premium polished grade (KERALITE Select®)