Print any digital image on the laminated surface. STADIP ARTE allows the transformation of a multitude of artistic and creative ideas. From the stroke of a paintbrush to photo-realistic images, from Graphic data to colour graduations in all shades – the unrestricted use of glass is made possible. Colour definitions to RAL, Pantone etc. can be achieved. But also the blue of the ocean or the subtle yellow of the afternoon sun. Every desirable colour can be achieved.

STADIP ARTE is a laminated safety glass of 2 x 4 mm PLANIDUR DIAMANT, a colour-free, extra-clear Float glass without the normal green hue which allows exceptional colour rendering. Differing techniques allow almost any design or image to be reproduced.


Digital data such as photos, graphics, logos but also hand-finished copies of originals can be used to produce architectonic-artistic unique objects.
Individual designs can create atmospheres from conservative to distinct and powerful motives.

The use of transparent colours for partitions, entrances or facades or the use of opaque white backgrounds for images or wall cladding accentuate the exclusivity of your Corporate Identity in its surroundings.