LITEFLAM is Greenlite Glass Systems' proprietary fire-rated glass. Used since 2006 and completed over 100 projects worldwide, we are the leaders in fire-rated glass floors and walkable skylights. We assist the modern architect with a vision to create open light-​filled spaces by bringing natural light deep into the building, creating a vibrant, inviting atmosphere.  


Whether the goal is to allow natural light to flood subterranean levels or to build a glass bridges in atrium spaces which also require fire-separations LITEFLAM glass floors/skylights and the team at Greenlite Glass Systems can assist with the design needs.    


This advanced glass floor system is load bearing and fire-rated from 1 to 2 hours – the only exterior glazed system Insulated Glass assembly for North America. LITEFLAM can be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface, with a standard live loading of 100psf but can be engineered to take higher loading if required.   


LITEFLAM was the first tested fire-rated glass floor system. LITEFLAM was also the first ever exterior fire-rated glass floor/skylight system. Now, LITEFLAM is the first AAMA tested sacrificial sheet which allows for partial standalone replacement of any damaged/worn components so that the full assembly does not need to be replaced.  


LITEFLAM systems have been tested and are listed with:  

UL - Underwriter Laboratories     

SwRI -  South West Research Institute Laboratories.